We Craft tailored Investment Experiences

Who we are

Quick Holdings : is a diversified investment holdings company that seeks to create economic value and impact across Africa. We invest in promising people, brands and communities. We scale businesses into continental players to serve the African consumers growing needs. In the process, we are developing Africa’s next generation of business leaders. 


Our ultimate goal is to improve lives through value creation. We seek to find and invest in opportunities that help meet the needs of a fast-evolving African consumer

Diversity of industry

Our industry-agnostic approach allows us to tackle a wide range of Africa’s toughest challenges

Financial Services

Food Service Franchising

Growth Equity Investing


FMCG Distribution

The Quick Holdings Model

Drive Operational Excellence:

Our team of strategic and functional experts leverage their deep industry experience to drive rapid operational improvements. We are hands-on and value added partners: we improve purchasing and supply-chains, manufacturing efficiencies, business analytics, pricing and margin enhancement, operating costs, and, inventory and working capital optimization

Build Ecosystems

We are committed to building a wide network of strategic contacts and relationships across the public and private sectors to help create additional value for our businesses and In regions in which we operated

Foster Growth:

We believe that long-term value can be created through a variety of strategic initiatives, including brand building, new product development, strategic alliances, entry into new channels and marketing, including specific digital capabilities. We implement clear strategic and operating plans to foster future growth.

Develop Human Capital:

We invest in people. Through our proprietary leadership development program, we are building the next generation of African Business leaders. We bring in young talent, and quickly give them the resources, autonomy, and support to perform at a high level.

Investing In Our People